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Beautiful White Healthy Smile

Teeth Whitening

A wedding, a job interview, or maybe some other special event? We can help you achieve a beautiful white smile whatever the occasion. We believe for the best long term results a professional strength, personalised, home whitening strategy gives our patients the best results and value for their investment.

Additional professional bleaching gel can be purchased from reception without additional appointments – after the initial course.

Your professional strength, personalised, home whitening kit will last you 5+ years

The whitening process is simple

Dental consultation

Step 1

Consultation – did you know not all teeth are bleachable? First we examine your unique situation and discuss what can be done to help whiten your smile.

Tooth whitening treatment

Step 2

At your second appointment we teach you how to use your personalised bleaching trays and commence the first whitening session.

Follow up whitening appointments

Step 3

We schedule follow up appointments to monitor your progress, and help you get the best possible result.