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Cracked Tooth

Flexible Treatment Options

Cracked Tooth

Frequently patients are aware of changes in their teeth, however not all cracks or fractures are obvious. If you are feeling extreme sensitivity with temperature it could be due to a stress fracture within your tooth that needs attention.

Every case is unique, and we can typically offer several treatment options. We will happily give you all options to consider, before commencing treatment.

We always present you with your treatment options and will be happy to continue when you are ready with your decision.

How we will Help

Dental x-ray

Step 1

We provide you with treatment options after assessment through consultation, x-rays and if applicable 3D scans. If you need time to consider we are always happy to book you a second appointment.

Tooth repair

Step 2

On commencement of treatment the problem part of the tooth is removed, to reveal a strong healthy base to build the reconstruction upon.

Dental filling

Step 3

The final repair can range from a simple bonded filling, to a 3D milled Cerec partial crown.