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Broken Tooth

Emergency Dental Repairs

Broken Tooth

We live a very active life in New Zealand, and things don't always go to plan. For this reason we keep several appointments open each day for emergency tooth repair. If you have an emergency, or need immediate treatment – we are ready to help. Please call Rhon or Lee immediately and schedule an appointment.

Emergency repairs and immediate treatments – Call now.

The Process is simple

Tooth x-ray

Step 1

Using Xrays and if necessary 3D scans of your teeth, we prepare and discuss treatment plans and options. Followed with temporary repair if required.

Tooth reconstruction

Step 2

In situations that require significant repairs to a tooth or several teeth we offer a one visit specialised 3D tooth reconstruction.

Dental crown

Step 3

Fitting and bonding can be within the same appointment. Sometimes a lab processed crown is more appropriate and a second appointment is required.